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  • Created by: Umberto Occofer Maox


Tèkna” is a fun project that will let you transform a teapot into an handy and quirky music media player.

This item was displayed at the Making Art 4.0 exhibition in Liverpool, april 2017

List Of Ingredients

1 Portable Cd Player
1 Perspex sheet 3mm thickness
1 RFID usb reader with TAG
1 Raspberry-Pi
1 Micro SD card 8gb or more
1 Raspberry-PI power suppy
1 Panel mount mini jack socket
1 Usb Extension lead
Teabags, black cloth and string.
3mm nuts and bolts

The Machine

First of all we need to source the Machine, i generally use broken portable cd players. Once you found the machine, take it apart while keeping the screws, clean it really well with a degreaser, and once dry, you have an amazing case for your electronic components.

The Case

First of all we need to place the Raspberry PI board inside the cd player, lets make some holes for mounting, and keep the battery compartment lid, that we will need to install the microSD. Lets enlarge the holes, or make new ones to place the jack and usb connections.

Laser Cutting

Now we have to make with a laser cutter the holder for the Rfid reader.
In the attached file “piattello-rfid.svg” you will find all the components to build the reader. The internal mounting holes have to be threaded for 3mm bolts and the upper part needs to be glued in. Lets take apart the electronics of the Rfid usb reader and lets mount it in the holder that we have previously lasercut, we need to make the wrap circle shaped, and be careful not to damage it.


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