Tear Gas In Utopia

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Utopia, that ancient subject of philosophical thoughts is a much debated proposition with mixed reputation. It has represented a place of good social order, happiness, freedom. In one word: paradise, elysium.

Political unity, a common currency, border-free travel and lasting peace without conflicting interests and ambitions, the idea of the European Union was to become a kind of ethereal utopia.
But utopia can only exist in imagination, as an ideal that is doomed to fail from the start. As the literal meaning of the word utopia is no-place, it leads to nowhere.
Is integrated Europe impossible?

Has the European idea been abandoned and compromised?

Is Europe becoming dystopian instead of realised utopian project?

Did Europe imprison its own future by impossible demands and an attempt to flee that past?

Within the European union there are at least two-speed Europes. Europe’s southern members imagine EU as a transfer union, where wealth flows from north to south. Northern European countries, on the other hand, want to protect their national wealth and are leery of measures that would distribute the costs and risks of Continental integration.

Meanwhile, across the Continent, nationalist parties are gaining traction with promises to insulate their countries from foreign threats such as refugees, immigrants, free trade or the euro. The fragmentation worsen with every passing year.
Europe could end where it began: in Greece.
As Greece is considered the birthplace of Western culture and the base of European and Western thinking, so when the base, root is collapsing the rest will slowly become infected and decay.
There is an error in our society. The European ideas are not functioning. The new approach is necessary.
In all of the riots in Greece tear gas was used .
Governments and manufacturers justify the use of tear gas and other less lethal weaponry by making claims to their safety. Yet, these ‘chemical agents’ were intentionally designed to cause physical and psychological harm.

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