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1. What is SuS_?
SuS_ is a design lamp that can be used to create ambient. Its structure follows the variation of the height. The particolar structure makes the light rays very scenic. It is possible to create infinite variations in the size and curvature of the saddle. The size of the lamp depends on the thickness of the
joints. In your case you have purchased the project for a lamp that has a material thickness of 6 mm.

SuS_ has dimensions 44 x 25 x 25 cm

2. List of materials
SuS_ is a lamp designed by Eugenio Clementi and is made with the PRESS FIT technique. For its construction you will need few materials.
Materials for the structure:
– Plywood or MDF sheet: 90cm x 90cm
– Paper scotch.
– Fireproof wool cord or string: about 15 meters.

Lamp materials:
– Led lamp, 4Watt is sufficient.
– Lamp holder large, maximum 27 mm.
– Wire with ON OFF switch.
Any electrician’s shop can provide you with everything

You need of a Laser cutting machine with a working area of 90cm x90cm


Remind to the MAKER that will take care of the laser cutting that some polylines must be cut, others only engraved.
More precisely, the lines to be engraved are letters and numbers.
The MAKER knows how to set the cutting machine.
Red writings: engraving only
Green lines:cut

Before cutting the MDF slab, ask the MAKER to cover the entire underside of the slab with paper tape. This is because the laser will not produce unsightly burn marks

…buy the recipe for last instructions to finish it

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