Sukhoi SK26

$6,96 Inc. Vat

Seller :Pier Filippo Conti

  • Created by: Luis Fernando Corado
  • File type: .stl


This model is made by the following pieces:

Blade 1.stl 39 KB
Blade 2.stl 40 KB
Blade 3.stl 40 KB
Cone.stl 227 KB
Engine Connector.stl 13 KB
Engine.stl KB
Fuselaje 1.stl 6,034 KB
Fuselaje 2.stl 1,493 KB
Fuselaje 3.stl 1,514 KB
Hor Stabilizer left.stl 174 KB
Hor Stabilizer right.stl 174 KB
Left Landing Gear.stl 83 KB
Left Wing.stl 433 KB
Rear Landing Gear 1.stl 36 KB
Rear Landing Gear 2.stl 36 KB
Right Landing Gear.stl 83 KB
Right Wing.stl 436 KB
Wheel 1.stl 171 KB
Wheel 2.stl 171 KB

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