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An idea, a project, an object, but also a lamp made with a 3D printer.
The material is PLA, a biodegradable thermoplastic.
We took a globe, we divided it following the bisectors and the obtained segments are designed to be 3D printed.
Each segment has a magnet on each side to be assembled magnetically, so you can fit the complete sphere, or join the pieces to get the shape you want, with the color you prefer.

Have fun creating it as you like!



To make ISO you need a 3D printer, we use a fdm (fused deposition modelin) printer with PLA filament.


Choose the color and the filament you prefer, PLA (polyactic acid) or ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

We use PLA because it is a biodegradabele and bioactive thermoplastic plastic derived from renewable resources, such as corrn starch, tapioca roots, potato starch or sugar cane.

3D Print

Print all pieces: the base and the faces. You need 20 left triangle and 20 right triangle. Once completed, get ready to assemble them.

Magnets & Glue

Paste the 8×2 mm magnets inserting them in the hole you will find on each side of the face. You need 128 magnets. We suggest glue for plastic.


Bulb holder

Get a bulb holder with E27 base, with wire and switch. insert it in to the printed base and screw it.

Light bulb

Choose the light bulb, led or energy-saving. It’s important that the buld doesn’t heat because PLA may be damaged by excessive heat.



Build ISO

Assemble the faces and join them at the base. You can make a complete sphere or the shape you want.

Last but not least… turn it on!



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