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  • Created by: Jason Quinlan
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Make adjustments or alterations in
– Freecad
– Sculptris
– Meshmixer
or similar

Edit .stl files from Scan And Make in
– netfabb
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– meshlabs
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Up next: Get creative!

Assemble your own Technovoodoo totem and use:
– wood
– paint
– gluegun
– string
– bones
– cables
– screws
– whatever you find!

Do an exhibiton!! (That‘s what we did) or:
– get in touch with your ancestors
– impress your date with your crosscultural heritage
– upload and share your new models with the world!

Not into exhibitons?
– No Problem!

Here‘s the designer‘s challenge!
– Build LED Fixture or
– Team up with other makers or start-ups (That‘s what we did)
– customize model to fit your fixture
– print the models using translucent filament
– Create your own Monkeyhead

These are the files.

You can even buy them singularly.




Project name: H3ADtrauma
Mission: Three international artists collaborate using in their different techniques of expression to find new ways of creating art.
Digital Sculpting / Painting
3D printing
Traditional Sculpting / Painting

The creation of an unique thing through passing on ideas, techniques and parts. Peter Petersen built an international, interdisciplinary team to create an artpiece with the combined skillz of three artists using digital communication platforms, 3D printing, classic assemblage and sculpting.

Jason E. Quinlan
3D Artist, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Digital Painting / Sculpting

Peter Petersen
Comic Artist, Essen, Germany
Founder 3D Druckzentrum Ruhr
Traditional and Digital Illustration

Sebastian Dotter
Artist, Essen, Germany
Sculpture / Assemblage
Oil and Acrylic Painting

Sebastian Dotter and Peter Petersen worked on site at 3D Druckzentrum Ruhr in Essen, Germany.
They communicated with Jason Quinlan, who was working in Detroit, USA via video chat and prepared the leading concept. The two sculptors would not know, what the other could produce and were willing to work with whatever they would get from each other.
Jason Quinlan produced three digital sculptures, which turned out to be monkeyheads.
The model was then optimized and printed at 3D Druckzentrum Ruhr by Peter Petersen, passing it on to Sebastian Dotter.
After Jasons creation entered the real world, Sebastian Dotter took his masonry and painting skills to transform the once digital file – now a tangible object, into a traditional sculpture inspired by spiritual fetish and totem motifs.

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