Goros necklace

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Inspiration: The inspiration begun with the exploration of necklaces and jewelry. Hence it was inspired by the American Indian tribal jewelry color scheme. The concept is about the repetitive wave movement created by the
modules when they are stacked side by side. This creates a wave structure which resembles feathers. Material: the material used was plastic as there is always some wastage made during the laser cutting process.

List of materials:
1XA3 Acrylic sheet (1mm or 3mm thick) / colour
Leather thread ( for a strength purposes )
Super glue
Masking tape
Color spray cans ( for gradient ) X 3
Necklace metal clips or hook ( for jewelry )
Beadings ( Optional )

Construction: After the pieces were laser cut, they were assembled by hand and inserted beads to increase the accent color. Construction Technique: A marrying of Handmade and machinery cutting. All the pieces are cut from the plastic sheets waste, and they are assembled to prepare for hand sanding and spraying of color.

The color mixes 3 tones: Sand, Brown and maroon. This gives a color gradient to achieve the Tribal color.

Step 1: Laser cut each piece. Upload the files into a laser cutting machine to select the right setting for power and speed. use masking tape to secure each piece to ensure that they are in place and the modular pieces are not arrange in a random manner.

Step 2: Assembling each pieces. Ensure that the holes are cut through, replace faulty pieces if needed. You can start to lift them up and go through with a leather thread to form a necklace form.

Step 3: Secure with masking tape to ensure that they are vertically placed.ensure that positioned side by side, and use masking tap to tape the bottom to secure.


Step 4: Spray the acrylic pieces with spray cans, for gradient Use a lighter colour first to spray gently at the middle. Then use a mid tone colour to spray a thin layer on top of the light colour. Lastly Spray with the darkest colour at the bottom. (apply and repeat this process if you think that the amount is too little).

Step 5: Secure and tie knots at the end to for beading place your favourite beadings and colour to match the desire theme, tribal or modern.

Step 6: Fasten it will a metal clip and hook at the end to form the necklace. This step will need to cut and trim off the leather thread to ensure it fits the wearers length and neck.

Step 7: Completed and your can hang them up when you are not using and Goros behaves like a morth.



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