Felfil Evo Basic Kit

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The filament extruder made for you.

Felfil Evo Basic Kit: This filament extruder kit is suitable for experienced maker. It includes only the mechanical components more difficult to find on the market and custom parts (gearmotor, structural support, extrusion screw, nozzle, melting chamber). In order to extrude, you must add a temperature controller, an heater and a power supply. Follow our suggestion to complete your personal extruder starting from our components.

Felfil Evo is an easy to use plastic filament extruder, able to produce custom and recycled filament for 3D printers.
The mechanical components are made in Italy and manufactured in durable materials, ensuring product quality; the extrusion screw is in fact specially made. An electonic board compatible with Arduino automates the filament extruder machine and make it customizable.
The essential, compact design makes it suitable for all types of users. A prefect addition to your desktop 3D printer.
Choose your nozzle diameter (1.75 – 2.85 – 3mm), set manually the temperature and gearmotor speed, then start to make high quality custom filament for your 3D printer.

Let’s make at home your custom 3D filament with Felfil Evo.

Technical details
Temperature: up to 280°
Hopper volume: 250g
Tollerance: +/- 0.07
Extrusion speed: 150g/h

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