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  • Created by: Umberto Occofer Maox


Espressina” is a fun project that will let you transform a disused coffee machine into an handy music media player.

This item was displayed at the Making Art 4.0 exhibition in Liverpool, april 2017


List Of Ingredients

1 Old Coffee Machine (also not working)
1 Perspex Sheet 3mm thick 300x600mm
9 mt PLA
1 RFID usb reader with TAG
1 Raspberry PI 1
1 Micro SD 8gb or more
1 Power supply for Raspberry PI
1 Class D audio Amp
1 12v 2A Power supply
2 Speakers



The Machine

First of all we need to find a suitable coffee machine, it is very important for it to be complete with its aesthetical and electrical parts, and it has to be big enough to fit the two power supplies, the speakers, the raspberry pi board, the amplifier and the RFID reader. Best places to source one are the tip, flea markets or on the internet.

Once you have found the machine, lets take it completely apart, by keeping the screws. Then give it a good clean, using a degreaser. Once is dry, you will have a wonderful case for your electronics that will be turned into a music player!

The Case

First of all lets find the best spot to place the speakers, prepare the mounting holes, or build an holder if necessary.


Laser Cutting

Now we have to cut with a laser cutter the holder for the cartridge slot where we are going to install the RFID reader.
In the file “cialdina-cut.svg” you will find all the components to build the RFID reader and the cartridges, adapt the file to your specific coffee machine.

Insert the RFID tags inside the cartridges, after being glued together we can apply the adhesive labels that you can print off the file “stiker-print.svg”.


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