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Lasercut Relief Printmaking



  • Lasercutter
  • Plywood
  • Blockpaint


1. Create map effect in photoshop and save as a .jpeg

2. Open .jpeg file into Inkscape.

3. Select the image, go to the path tab then trace bitmap (path>trace bitmap).

4. Trace Bitmap tab,click the following in the…multiple scana: creates a group of paths
– Brightness Steps
– Remove Background
– Click OK

5. Once the path has been created.. save from Inkscape to .eps,then import the .eps into Coreldraw,and export as .dxf file.

6. Open file (File>import) in the lasercutter software at Liverpool Does…Lasercut 5.3 Software. In the picture, I’m using the Gerald with a bed space of 1200x900mm.

7. Place the mountboard into the laser cutter as shown. Turn on the laser cutter to align the mountboard with laser cutter’s start position.

8. Open .dxf file in Lasercut 5.3 Software,click laser output to create layers in different colours I used 4 colours in (set work mode tab).
Also enter the speed & power output, then Cut option.

9. Here the laser cutter is cutting the small parts first. This is done with the 4 different layers (Blue,Green,Brown & Pink)in different colours.
(8. image) The small parts being blue, working my way to pink. I had to select each line directly and group them into each different layer.10. Here, i have finished cutting the mountboard.

11. This is the finished relief plate for printing. Lasercut parts were selected randomly and stuck down in position with PVA Glue on moutboard. Then held down in position with a book to secure the glued parts for 24 hours.

12. This is the final print from the above Relief Plate.

13. Through this process, I have collected and recycled lasercut waste to create a range of art prints to sell.


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