Balkonaut 2

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  • Created by: Anno Matthias Henke
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This file is a “moneymaker”.

But, what is “moneymaker”? It’s a file/project that is nice & easy to realize and that has been proven to sell as hot cakes.

We sold ourselves the items realized with it.

1) Find a location and get your wood etched.

If  you want to use this technique the wood has to be flat otherwise when you want to paint it with a roller it will not have a good result. That’s why you cannot use any kind of scrap wood.

Get it engraved at least of 2 mms.



2) Wash it.

If you use a soft wood like pine you will see that after the etching it’ s covered of sticky resin.

I suggest you to wash, so the paint will stick better and quicker afterwards.

When you have finished,  let it dry.




3) Paint the background

You can paint it i 2 different ways.

If you want to leave the wood image you can use a normal paint and a brush. Remember that if the holes are small (and they are small if you are using a small piece of wood) you need the paint to be watery in order to fill in to the gaps.

The one I’m realizing is just 25x35cm so the gaps are pretty small.

So I used a second technique: I spray it.

I made two color combinations for the background, both dark, so it’s easier to create contrast between the two colors I will use.



and Blue and Black


4) Paint the surface.

I use a roller to paint the surface.

Remember to be patience. It takes time. Let it dry after each coat.


Where the holes are very small and the surface you have to paint is quite big, you can even use a brush but keep it very tilted

5) Make the corrections.

If you you get your gaps filled, try to get the paint out before it’s “too late”.

Use a needle, a nail or your fantasy.


An then make the corrections


6) Hang it or sell it.

Tahdahhang it

As you can notice the lower side is not 100% straight.

That’s why I suggest you to cut all the sides with the laser-cutter. What I didn’t do with this piece of wood.

I’m sure you can make better than me.


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