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Project uses a CNC drill
1. 1220 x 2440mm 9mm sheets of MDF are cut using the cut files provided


2. MDF is assembled using panel pins and wood glue. Front curve is made using mount board glued and pinned in place. Mount board is then clamped and left to dry.

3. Repeat for all 4 sections and base


4. Cut perspex screens to 350 x 330mm to fit openings. Slide them in to test to see that they hold in place. If sheets are too small add packing wedges.

5. Stands slot into base.

6. Paint sections. Colour is to the builders discretion but darker colours give a greater contrast to projection screens

7. All sections are painted including base and projector stand.

8. Fully assemble stand. Place projector behind stand to project from the rear.

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