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The work takes its visual cues from “the face of Mars”, hills on Mars that looked like a human face when observed under a particular light.
The psychological phenomenon for which the human being tends to perceive a visual or acoustic pattern as something familiar is called paraidolia. The sound design
plays with this phenomenon through vocal synthesis. The voices and sounds leave free interpretation to the spectator, who is submerged in an acoustic scenario that recalls the discovery of space.
At the same time, ‘Atmosface’ is a mirror to look at and interact with; it reminds us that we are looking for answers and meanings about us elsewhere.

Atmosface isn’t just a head. It isn’t just a wood layered head either. It is an interactive, capacitive, sound playing wood layered head! And in this guide we’re going to show how to build, wire and code the whole thing.
The guide is organized in three sections:

1. assembling the head,

2. setting up the touch and proximity sensing and

3. designing the sound generation system.

Each section starts with a list of materials. You can skip directly to the section of your interest if you like.
Below you can have a look at the big picture.


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