All is number, therefore, the Real is number

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Each definable element possesses a mathematical nature, an Expression unique. This Introduction to the work, part of a series of works, that reflect on the nature of the real world defined in the philosophical thought of the Pythagorean’s school.

A personal complaint about the uniqueness of every person. Expects like homologation, repetition and standardization have taken over, doesn’t seem to be more accepted, appreciated and understood.

The binary system and its digital world appear to have become the “number so dear” to Pythagoras.

The human’s face portrait in an aseptic environment, it’s photographed frontally and in profile and subsequently archived and digitized. It’s turned into the mathematical and unrepeatable expression. Through a modeling 3d software, the photos previously achieved are transformed into wireframe; varying, according to the rule of Tetratkis Pythagorean, the intensity.

From this surface the missing faces and every single vertical element are made. The work, it’s a triptych composed by three vertical elements, respectively, left profile, front, right profile.

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